Boost Your Manifestation Power in 60 seconds!

Your Aura, your chakras and your manifesting potential: How to attract anything you desire!

Ancient sages have known since the beginning of time that we literally have everything we need to attract everything and anything we desire from the universe that surrounds us. Some people call it magic, while others call it the Laws Of Attraction. Whatever you choose to refer to this process as, keep reading because you’re about to learn some simple ways that you can boost your power to attract all the good you desire in life literally overnight by at least 50 percent.

There are 4 main factors that play a part in not only how quickly you manifest, but WHAT you manifestation and attract to yourself:

  1. Your Aura - This is the collection of energy fields that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. It both protects you from negative energies and it also projects energy into the environment.

  1. Your Chakras - These are vortexes of force that draw in and project various formats of energy. For our purposes, we’ll only refer to the seven chakras with which most people are familiar. These are the root chakra at the pelvis, the second chakra located at the ovaries, the solar plexus chakra located at the sternum ( breastbone), the heart chakra located at the lung/heart region of the torso, the throat chakra located at the base of the throat, the third eye chakra located at the spot where your eyebrows meet, and the crown chakra located at the top of the head. These energy centers connect us to the universal frequencies of sexual energy, abundance, self-power and identity, unconditional love, self-expression, extrasensory abilities, and connection with all that is.
  2. Your emotions - Your emotions are the by products of experience and your thoughts, I.e. you think about something and generally you experience a emotional reaction to that idea.
  3. Your beliefs - your beliefs are energetic emotional patterns that reside within your energy fields and they act as magnets that attract those things to you that correspond to their energetic content. As a result, they create your experience of reality. For instance, if you “believe” that all dogs hate you, your physical body will actually create this reality by releasing the appropriate hormones to generate a feeling of hate within you which is then sensed by any dogs that you encounter.

These 4 aspects of manifestation are always at work simultaneously and working silently at the level of the subconscious mind. Not only are they always working, but these components of the manifestation process have an impact upon one another. The good news is that by fixing one aspect, you will have positive effects on all the other aspects of the process. Think of it as driving a van that has a lot of cluttered and junk inside of it; the more clutter you get rid of the, the faster and more pleasurable each ride becomes in the van. Let’s start making the ride a bit smoother, shall we?

  1. You can start boosting your manifesting power by disentangling the web of beliefs in your energy field and getting rid of those energetic fields that no longer serve your highest good. Think of your beliefs as tiny batteries of energy, energy which you tap into whenever you access a belief. Some of these energy batteries serve our  highest good while others hold us back from attract the life of our dreams. In order to begin this process, have a piece of paper and a pen handy and a quiet place within which to work. You’ll want to spend as much time as possible on this process because the freedom that will result is well worth the effort you’ll put in. On your sheet of paper, write down a word or two that represents the most important areas that you’re focused on in your life right now. For instance, your sheet of paper may have the following words on it:

  • Health

  • Finance

  • Relationships

Once you have these keywords on paper, you can then proceed to determine your deeper feelings about each of these topics by writing the following:

Health is_________________________

Relationships are__________________

Money is_________________________

After you write, take a moment to notice how you FEEL about what you just wrote for each topic. If you feel good about what you just wrote AND this belief is allowing to live in tune with your higher values and desires, then leave it as it is. If however, one of these beliefs elicits a negative or neutral feeling within you, then now is the time to use your god-given power to change it.

You can change it by asking yourself the following:

“How would I like to feel about XYZ?”. Once you determine how exactly you want to feel about this subject, now comes the magic; ask yourself the following:

“What thoughts would I need to think in order to feel the way I want to feel about XYZ?”

By asking yourself this question, you are actually tuning into your higher self, accessing your connection to your higher wisdom and the Divine creator. In this moment you become a channel for your higher self and allow that wisdom to register on your conscious mind, at which point you can use the information to your benefit. Be open to what rises to your awareness and allow it to of flow on your piece of paper unhampered.

By starting the manifestation boosting process with the cleaning-up of beliefs, you will automatically increase the pulling power of your energy field and chakras so that you can attract the circumstances you desire to experience.

2. You can increase the brightness and attractive power of your energy field by putting the following actions into play:

  1. Regularly take a bath to which sea salt and baking soda have been added. These two ingredients will combine to create a virtual fountain of youth that will dissolve negative energies from your Aura. This dissolution process has the awesome side effect of increasing your good luck. Because your Aura is an antenna of sorts, you will find yourself attracting the right people at the right time and you’ll also experience a greater feeling of being centered in your own space, no matter how chaotic your external environment may be at the moment.
  2. Invest several minutes a day developing the ability to relax your mind and body at random points during your day. When your mind and body are relaxed, your Aura expands and in so doing, it not only turns you into a bigger Attraction magnet; it also adds a degree of protection to your energy field.
  3. Carry a small piece of double terminated quartz crystal in on your person. Quartz crystal strengthens the radiations of the energy field and in so doing further increases your ability to attract your desires.

3. Your Chakras - Because your chakras draw in energy from you environment, they tend to get dirty and this dirt causes them to rotate slowly, making it more challenging to draw in the energies that you need to succeed and achieve your dreams.

The best way to keep your chakras clear and spinning fast is to live life completely from the vantage point of your higher ideals. While you can clear your chakras daily to give yourself a boost of energy, until you start to live life from your highest ideals, this is only a test are measure; this author speaks from decades of personal experience of having lived a life that was completely out of synch with his higher ideals.

While you’re building your life around your higher ideals, there are a few actions you can take to ensure that you enjoy a smooth transition:

  1. You can manually clear and activate your chakras by using your hands and your intention. To do so, place your left palm over your root chakra. Take a deep breath and begin swirling your left palm counterclockwise in the energy field of the root chakra. Keep this up for about 2-3 minutes. This motion will serve the stimulate the chakra to release any stagnant energies. Now switch hands and swirl your right hand in the clockwise direction in this energy field in order to “tell” it to begin taking in fresh energy.
  2. This process can be repeated for all of the chakra, however because the root chakra is the foundation of your chakra system, clearing and energizing this center will positively impact all the chakras in your body. Think of it as pumping fresh water (vitality) along a channel. It is good to clear and energize each chakra individually periodically however.

4. By learning to master your emotions ( more precisely, your emotional reactions), you can attract everything you want in life. The simplest way to gain control over them is to realize that life is simply a simulation, a form of virtual reality and that by controlling yourself and allowing yourself to feel what you want to feel, you can create powerfully positive experiences.

It’s best to begin mastering this skill on a relatively smaller scale so that you will be able to access this skill at a moment's notice. Begin right now by noticing how you’re feeling. is it a good feeling or bad feeling? Whatever you determine the case to be, realize this:

If you notice that you feel down or bad, you were most likely picturing to yourself some undesirable conditions and as a result, your emotional self responded by creating/activating that bad feeling. By realizing this connection, you begin to realize that our thoughts really do create our realities by creating our emotions, which are then projected from us and affect our environment. The simple process you’re about to learn will help you shift yourself back into a highly vibration state within 30 to 60 seconds and the best thing about it is that it’s free and you can do it ANYWHERE.

In order to take control of your emotional reactions and thus what you project out to the world around you, the next time you feel down or sad, walk through the following process:

  1. FInd a different spot to stand/sit in. Better yet, leave the area to distance yourself from the environment.
  2. Take several deep breaths to clear your mind. Breath deeply from your abdomen, sucking your stomach muscles back to your spine as you exhale through your mouth.
  3. With your mind clear, begin to think about your higher values, the things most important to you in life, the the things that you want to experience. Take a few moments to imagine yourself living in those desired moments. If you don't year have the ability to visualize clearly, just talk to yourself AS IF you are in the desired circumstances in the present tense i.e “I enjoy relaxing around my fireplace with my loved ones and all the people I truly care about…”
  4. When you experience a positive uplifting feeling from connecting to your one of your higher ideals, place your hands over your heart chakra and take several deep breaths.
  5. Go on about your day!

In a pinch, whenever you find yourself feeling a negative feeling, you can counter it by taking a deep breath and placing your hands on your heart chakra to tap into the higher frequency of love. Once you sense that connection, breath deeply and send that love-vibration not only to every corner of your body, but to the world around you, your immediate environment.

This simple process will help you eliminate irrational fear, fear that is generated as a result of entertaining undesirable possibilities i.e. “what if my car breaks down?”. To be clear, it is perfectly normal to focus on “the worst possible outcome” as we’re human; what we want to do is start to create positive possibilities and focus on them so that they have a better chance of manifesting in our experience.

5. Dream! Now that you cleaned up your energy field and erased some unhelpful belief patterns, it’s time to put on your Gardener hat and plant some seed of positive energy in your energy field. To do so, grab a clean sheets of paper and start writing down all of the experiences that you DO want to experience. No matter what it is, write it down. When you’ve exhausted the possibilities ( and possibly your hand from writing so much!), keep this piece of paper with you. Because you tapped into your higher ideals while writing it, it is Imbued with this high vibrational energy and it will serve as a energetic reminder to help you attain that state again anytime you desire.

I’ll leave you here with this important message: The Best and easiest way to attract everything you desire is to constantly live from the vantage point of your higher values. Determine what’s most important to you and your will always be guided to experience those things you desire most.

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Amir Campbell